250th Experience

Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

Brand Circle

Imagine festivals, exhibitions, tours and, of course food and fun all across the city- from stoops to stadiums-in 2026.

Philadelphia is the birthplace of American democracy, and Philly is the place where you can experience the people, place, and purpose of the 250th.

You can take part in the 250th Experience in a number of ways. Take a tour below of the special elements of the 250th.

Neighborhood Gateways

Neighborhood gateways are 250th-themed activity centers in neighborhoods across Philly that welcome visitors and residents with family-friendly events and programs.

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250th Program Community

The 250th Program Community is a partnership between PHILADELPHIA250 and program organizers who will help bring the 250th to life and inspire Philadelphians and visitors to engage with this historic moment through each unique 250th activity.

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250th Legacy Community

The 250th Legacy Community is a group of organizations large and small across the city, united in a common pledge to implement a new initiative, or accelerate and scale the reach of an existing program, that will result in significant, tangible and positive community impact by the 250th anniversary in 2026.

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Signature Programs

In 2022, PHILADELPHIA250 ran an open call for ideas and innovations with the potential to bring transformative social and/or economic benefits to Philadelphian.

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