PHILADELPHIA250’s Declaration Station

Civic Engagement: Join the Conversation About the 250th

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The Declaration Station is an exciting pop-up experience that will show up at street fairs, parks, schools, and other public spaces all over the city and invite everyone to join the conversation about the 250th. At the Station, people take part in simple, quick, and fun interactive conversations and activities asking what the Declaration’s ideas mean to them – ideas like liberty, equality, the pursuit of happiness, shared prosperity, and revolutionary actions.

two ladies and one gentleman sitting in a semi circle talking

The Station is launching in mid-2024 – exactly two years ahead of our nation’s semiquincentennial – and will continuously engage with Philadelphians and visitors of all ages, languages and backgrounds, all throughout this once-in-a-generation moment. We’ll learn how people believe our founding values should continue to shape and influence our government institutions, policies, and laws and fulfill their promise – as well as shape and influence our own personal actions and declarations.

closeup of a project board showing a declaration station project

The design team of ISA + Tiny WPA + artists Chenlin Cai, Serena Saunders and Calo Rosa are helping us design and build the Declaration Station. A diverse group of Station Ambassadors – artists, teachers and educators, youth leaders, community activists and more – is developing the questions that will inspire people’s curiosity and invite them to share what they think.

a man looking at project boards explaining a declaration station project

After two years of deep, robust, and widespread community engagement, the collective project of the Declaration Station will create a picture of who we are, the values we hold dear, and our declarations of action for 2026.

If you want to host the Declaration Station in your neighborhood or at your community event, please fill out the form under “Get Involved” and we’ll be in touch!