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The Women’s Committee for the 250th is a membership program of PHILADELPHIA250, the non-profit organization bringing the 250th anniversary of the country to the people and neighborhoods of Philadelphia. The Committee is one way to support and advance PHILADELPHIA250’s mission to deliver an inclusive and transformational commemoration.


Create a vibrant community for women, self-identified women, and those supporting them, who will make their voices heard and their presence felt for the 250th and beyond.

Highlight, protect, and preserve the inspirational stories of women in Philadelphia – past, present, and future.

Support PHL250 social impact initiatives endorsed by women to fulfill their legacy for the 250th.

Members can focus on women-led businesses, legacy projects, legacy pledges and projects of priority to women, neighborhood programming for women, women-focused storytelling and a tangible tribute to women’s role in the 250th.


Launched in May 2024 with 48 founding members, the Committee will convene periodically throughout the year through 2026.

Working Groups composed of members will guide recruitment, program development, and the allocation of membership fees to PHILADELPHIA250 initiatives that fulfill a collective women’s legacy for the 250th.


The Committee is a fee-based membership program available to individuals, organizations, and businesses until the committee reaches 250 individual members. Talented and committed women who wish to support the Committee in non-monetary ways can do so through participation-based memberships.

Membership Benefit Levels

Become part of the American story where women inspire action, motivate the next generation, and achieve transformational change together.

Founding Members

Kim Andrews | Victoria Best | Nneka Brown | Dawn Chavous | Lynne Cutler | Lisa Formica | Susan Gerrity | Sheryl Glanton  | Susan Jablokov | Lisa Kabnick | Danielle DiLeo Kim | Sara Lomax | Yocasta Lora | Kate Marlys | Ashanti Martin | Rosalyn McPherson | Dom Miller | Pat Nogar | Gigi Peterkin | Denise Portner | Linda Resnick | Shannon Rooney | Diane Semingson | Jasmine Sessoms | Danielle Smith | Barbara Smolen | Michelle Sonsino | Tiffany Spraggins | Francine Tabas | Tiffany Tavarez | Zabeth Teelucksingh | Emily Wang | Lizanne Wentz | Esther Wieman

Dunleavy & Associates | Forum of Executive Women | Japan Society of Greater Philadelphia | OIC Philadelphia

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All memberships are one-time commitments
that extend
through December 31, 2026.

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