Share Your Stories

Amplifying all Voices to Create Inclusive Histories of our Past

Brand Circle

Share Your Stories will elevate the voices of all Philadelphians – past and present – to help paint a full picture of the history of the diverse people of this city. Working with a variety of storytelling partners, historians and archivists, and news outlets with expertise in writing, videography & film, theater, radio and more, Share Your Stories will create new pathways to share stories to mark the 250th. The program will focus particularly on finding stories about people and events from the past that are not well-known or have been overlooked and excluded. 

These stories need to be heard.  We’re not just collecting them — PHILADELPHIA250 will use its platform as the leader of the 250th in Philadelphia to share and distribute them through our network of citywide media partnerships. The ultimate goal is to build shared community and collective identity, by amplifying the rich and varied strands of Philadelphia history, across time and geography, from the earliest years of our country’s founding until the present.

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