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Unique Experiences Strengthening Connections

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We’re developing our own unique 250th programs and experiences – Dare to Declare and Share Your Stories – that will strengthen our connections to each other and inspire each and every one of us to take action for the collective good.

These programs are already engaging Philadelphians in fun and meaningful activities that allow everyone to find their place, make their voices heard, and see themselves reflected in Philadelphia’s 250th. Alongside our 250th Program Community’s activities and events, PHILADELPHIA250’s programs will be a central feature of the showcases held at the Neighborhood Gateways across the city throughout 2026. 


Dare to Declare: Inspiring Civic Action and Community Engagement.

What does the Declaration of Independence say and why do its most enduring ideas and ideals still matter to us today? What can each of us do to help our communities and our democracy to thrive?

We’re creating a menu of activities wrapped up in an interactive Declaration Station, a mixture of in-person and online elements that connect to one another and that will be located at each Neighborhood Gateway in 2026.  Engage in conversation with friends and neighbors about the Declaration’s ideas, make your own declaration for how you’re going to take action, learn where you can volunteer in your community, register to vote and much more!

Share Your Stories: Amplifying All Voices to Create Inclusive Histories of Our Past.

Most of us have heard of Philadelphia’s founding fathers like William Penn, Ben Franklin and John Wanamaker. But what about heroes like Caroline LeCount – a pioneering black educator and activist who fought to integrate public streetcars a century before Rosa Parks?  

We’ll soon be launching a place on our website to gather some of these stories from anyone who wants to tell us a story. And along the way to the 250th, we’ll be highlighting in social media campaigns lesser-known gems from our region’s many historical archives – culminating in a yearlong storytelling initiative in 2026 called City of Firsts, honoring Philadelphia’s place in our nation’s past as well as the contemporary innovators making history today. 

Our goal is to create safe and welcoming spaces where Philadelphians can share stories with each other and contribute to a richer understanding of our home.