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Exciting 250th programs created by the people, for all people will light up the city from stoops to stadiums.

The 250th Program Community is a partnership between PHILADELPHIA250 and program organizers who will help bring the 250th to life and inspire Philadelphians and visitors to engage with this historic moment through each unique 250th activity.

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Any and all who are planning programs for the 250th can join and become partners in the 250th Program Community. All kinds of programs that have a connection to the 250th are eligible to participate, particularly programs that amplify and promote untold and under-told stories of people, places, actions, and thoughts including new, underrepresented and diverse voices into 250th programs.

Partners can be anyone and everyone – individuals, organizations, associations and businesses. 

Programs can be anything and everything – performances, exhibitions, interactive activities, children and family programs, neighborhood walking tours and more.

The 250th Program Community will ensure that smaller and lesser known partner programs are promoted equally with larger organizations and that the 250th experience in Philadelphia offers something compelling for all who wish to participate. 

The Benefits of joining the 250th Program Community are Promotion and Participation.

Your program will be Promoted on the “250th Program Community Calendar.” You will be invited to Participate in convenings of the Community starting in 2023 and continuing through 2026 where you can find inspiration from and collaborate with others. Additional benefits are listed on the Registration Form.

Interested in learning more about the 250th Program Community?

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