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All eyes will be on Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, as the nation marks its 250th anniversary.

2026 will be a year of exciting 250th-related programs created by the people, for all people to light up the city from stoops to stadiums! A city of neighborhoods, in 2026 Philadelphia will become AMERICA’S neighborhood – coming alive with programs and events across the city that inspire civic action; showcase our arts, culture, science, and history and highlight our treasured cultural places and public spaces.

PHILADELPHIA250 is bringing the 250th anniversary of American independence to the people and neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

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The People’s Programs for the 250th is a community of diverse program organizers whose activities will be promoted by PHILADELPHIA250 to create a full calendar of dynamic 250th-themed citywide cultural programs at small and large venues promoted through a public campaign now and through 2026. Programs must take place in the City of Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA250 invites your participation in the 250th. Once you register your program with us, you will have access to a community of other creatives planning celebratory, thought-provoking, retrospective, and inspiring programs for the 250th. Collaborate and learn from others!



  • Promote your program on the 250th Community Calendar
  • Recognize you as an official partner in the People’s Programs for the 250th on commemorative 250th materials
  • Provide the PHILADELPHIA250 recognition logo in digital and printed format for your promotions
  • Offer networking opportunities with other People’s Program partners to learn about others’ programs, find potential collaborations, coordinate events, recruit others, and cross-market
  • Share ways to inspire your programs with PHILADELPHIA250’s 250th themes: Shared Prosperity, Revolutionary Actions, Peoples Histories, and Pursuit of Happiness
  • Gain access to the 250 Club
  • Publish calendar in 2025


  • It is free to register your program!
  • There will be a one-time participation fee of $250 to be listed on the forthcoming 250th Community Calendar.

Interested in learning more about the 250th Program Community?

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