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Philadelphia’s legacy is the birthplace of American democracy. As a city where revolutionary actions happen every day, we invite you to be part of the 250th’s lasting legacy. Leave a Legacy is a new, people-centric model for how we leave behind meaningful, lasting legacies for this once-in-a-generation opportunity, by leveraging the energy and excitement of the 250th anniversary.

PHILADELPHIA250’s vision is that our legacies are 100 percent community-sourced, designed and built by Philadelphians, for Philadelphians. They are bold, creative, and important ideas that will leave a legacy of positive social impact and promote equitable and sustainable community transformation.

Creating a Legacy Pledge Community

Achieving transformational impact at a citywide scale requires collective participation and action. That’s why PHILADELPHIA250 is calling on you to turn your organization’s passions into lasting legacies by making a 250th Legacy Pledge. 

A Legacy Pledge is a measurable goal that addresses an important need in Philadelphia, furthers your organization’s passions and strategic goals, and can be completed by July 4, 2026. No goal is too small or too big, and we encourage collaboration for compounded and collective impact across sectors and geographies. Together, participating Pledge organizations create a Legacy Community of 250th change-makers. Leveraging a milestone anniversary at a citywide scale like this has never been done before.


Here’s how you can get involved.
Do you want more Black and Brown students to have greater access to opportunities through increased scholarship offerings? Do you want to ensure more people have a decent place to call home? Do your employees want to provide more pro-bono hours to their nonprofit clients? Then make a Legacy Pledge! This is your opportunity to be part of history.


Leave a Legacy and join the Legacy Community

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