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At its heart, the story of the Declaration of Independence is about a group of ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things. It’s the classic underdog victory story of insurmountable odds. Our founding fathers took on the world’s greatest empire, demanded respect, envisioned a new reality, and pledged their lives to make it so. And they won.

That same revolutionary spirit can be a guide for us today and as we make our way to 2026. Starting soon, PHILADELPHIA250 will engage with people all across the city and help turn ideas into creative expressions and future programming for 2026. The Declaration of Independence will be our guidepost and our inspiration. Our network of partners will help us make it so.

Join us and see your ideas in action.

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Your celebration, your way.

PHILADELPHIA250 invites individuals and communities to help produce the 250th commemoration with us. We know that you can’t build a movement from the top down. So, that’s why we need you to help us develop an experience in 2026 that is conceived by and for all people.

We imagine that 2026 and the years leading up to it will be filled with experiences that reflect the soul of Philadelphia in the birthplace of America. Here are three ways that you can begin thinking about what you and/or your community can propose.

Creative expressions.

From artwork to performances—show us your creative interpretations of our values and our aspirations!

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Neighborhood impact projects.

Is there something you want to leave behind for your community? 2026 will be here before you know it. Join us now.

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Programming ideas.

If you are a history, arts, science or cultural organization please let us know what special programs or exhibitions you are planning for 2026! We’d love to partner with you.

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For all inquiries, please reach out to