Leave a strong legacy

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The 250th anniversary of American independence provides an opportunity to ask big questions. What do we want to leave for future generations? How will the legacies of 2026 reflect our values and our hopes for the future? What does it take to get there?

The actions we take now direct the pathways for tomorrow. PHILADELPHIA250 is committed to making Philadelphia a more equitable, just, and resilient city by 2026. As we move toward 2026, we will advocate for resources to invigorate places that showcase Philadelphia’s rich heritage—one that’s built from the stories and experiences of our diverse peoples, important cultural and civic places, and watershed social, scientific, and political movements.

Get in touch with our heritage.

There are so many unique places across the city and the region that tell the Philadelphia story—and therefore, the American story too. Some of these places are unknown and their stories untold. It’s important to uncover and amplify them so that our collective history can be made more complete, more truthful and more inclusive.

Culturally rich neighborhoods and venues can act as hubs for learning, programs, exploring and enjoyment. Investments in diverse “heritage hubs” through capital projects and coordinated programs can leave a stronger and more complete historical, civic and cultural infrastructure after 2026. A true legacy for America.

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A city of neighborhoods.

Together, our diverse neighborhoods hold the stories and experiences about our collective past. The intimate, familiar charm of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods is because of our walkable streets, vibrant open spaces, and the basic building blocks of neighborhoods—the rowhouses and twins—the places that many of us call home.

We also know that home is not a given for all, and the condition of many houses and neighborhoods across the city vary greatly and have tremendous inequities. PHILADELPHIA250 will work with on-the-ground partners to promote greater neighborhood equality and justice, so that livable homes and thriving neighborhoods are fundamental to ensuring one’s inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is a legacy worth preserving.

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Shine light on democracy

PHILADELPHIA250 imagines a city and a country illuminated by a stronger and more just democracy in 2026. How do we get there? We begin by working towards the common good and recognizing the light in everyone.

PHILADELPHIA250 is in the early stages of working on a legacy light project for 2026. Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletters to stay up to date.