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It’s been a long time since USA250 dba PHILADELPHIA250 was announced. Why are you just getting started now?

USA250 dba Philadelphia250

  • USA250 has been hard at work for years raising awareness and building capacity at the federal, state and local levels to make 2026 a transformational moment.
  • USA250 was instrumental in drafting the federal legislation that created the US Semiquincentennial Commission.
  • Now, as PHILADELPHIA250 we are continuing our mission in Philadelphia, making sure that your voice is a critical shaping factor as we journey towards 2026.

What is the difference between America250 and USA250 dba PHILADELPHIA250?

  • At USA250 dba PHILADELPHIA250, we were instrumental in drafting the federal legislation that created the US Semiquincentennial Commission aka America250.
  • America250 is focused at the national level and America250-PA is the state commission focused on engaging all 67 counties of Pennsylvania. PHILADELPHIA250 is focused on the commemoration at the local level in Philadelphia.

I’m already involved in America250. Why should I engage with PHILADELPHIA250 as well?

  • Given our focus on Philadelphia and your role in the local area, we want to be sure that your input and voice is heard in refining our message and creating meaningful impact as we journey towards 2026.

Why should Philadelphians care?

  • Philadelphia has big challenges. Those challenges won’t be figured out in a day or a year or even multiple years, so we are starting the journey now, using the 250th anniversary as a critical mobilizing force towards creating that more equitable, just and resilient Philadelphia.
  • We can’t do this without you. A by the people, for all people movement needs your creative input, time, passion, and commitment to bring positive change.

The event is in 2026. Why are you going through this process now?

  • Doing big things right takes time. We’re committed to engaging all Philadelphians and making sure we leave our city better off for generations to come once 2026 has come and gone.