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Call to Artists: PHILADELPHIA250 Dare to Declare!



Philadelphia250 is extending the deadline for artists and illustrators who would like to create designs for Dare to Declare cards. Responses of interest must be received by September 6.

Also, we are pleased to announce that the review panel will include:

Conrad Benner, Streets Department
Nilé Livingston, Creative Repute
Emilio Maldonado, Mural Arts Philadelphia

( – the organization coordinating Philadelphia’s celebration of the Declaration of Independence’s 250th anniversary in 2026 – is seeking artists to help with civic engagement projects over the next four years.

Currently, PHILADELPHIA250 is seeking artists to create illustrations for a set of playing cards that will be used to facilitate community conversations about the Declaration of Independence and the ways its values resonate across different communities and constituencies in Philadelphia and beyond. 

Key Details

  • Four artists will be selected to create illustrations that embody the four values that are the foundation of PHILADELPHIA250’s approach to this historical milestone: Shared Prosperity, People’s Histories, Revolutionary Actions, and The Pursuit of Happiness.
  • One of the above artists will also be asked to create a design for the box the cards come in.
  • One artist will be asked to create a “zine” that serves as an instruction book.
  • Artists will own the copyright to their work, and PHILADELPHIA250 will pay a fee for licensing the designs and illustrations for this use. PHILADELPHIA2500  will pay a fee of $500 for the card designs, an additional $500 for the box design, and $1,500 to the artist creating the zine.
  • The deadline for applying is September 6. Download information on how to apply here.
  • For artists who are selected, the deadline for work to be submitted will be October 11.

PHILADELPHIA 250 is committed to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that will support a just, inclusive and equitable commemoration of the 2026 anniversary. We will seek and select artists who reflect the diversity of Philadelphia’s creative voices and artistic approaches, including people from historically marginalized communities.

This is the first of many artist projects that PHILADELPHIA250 hopes to organize as part of its work in engaging the community around this important milestone. If you’d like to receive information about future opportunities, write us at:  


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Download the Call to Artists Brief