Why Philadelphia

Where Passion Fuels Possibility

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Philadelphia is a city that continues to evolve, ignited by the passions of our people and committed to finding new ways to bring our many unique communities together.

PHILADELPHIA250 shares that revolutionary spirit and recognizes a unique responsibility in 2026 to invite the world here to celebrate our work to push our country forward.


As we approach the 250th anniversary of the United States, we look to shine a light on all that makes Philadelphia special.

Philadelphia owes it to our people.

Philadelphia, like no other American city, has a special relationship to the Declaration and to 2026. We therefore shoulder great responsibility, recognize our opportunity, and embody hope for the country and the world. Our great city boasts amazing assets and recognizes the challenges ahead. A successful path forward can only be led by the people, for all people.

  • We are a city of neighborhoods, and neighbors.
  • We are a diverse city.
    • We are 44.1 percent black, 35.8 percent white, 13.6 percent Latino and 7.2 percent Asian.
  • We have more murals—all designed with community input—than any other city in the world.
  • We struggle with a high poverty rate. It’s real and many people are working to alleviate it.
  • We are a city of firsts with a high concentration of innovative higher educational institutions.
  • We have a long and complex history that begins way before 1776. We acknowledge the atrocities, contradictions, and hypocrisies inflicted upon many.
  • We are home to many American icons of freedom and equality, including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the National Constitution Center.
  • We have grit. We are resilient. We are built on revolutionary change.
Philadelphia throws a really great party.
  • We’re hosting the MLB All-Star Game at Citizens Bank Park in 2026.
  • We’re a bid city to host FIFA’s World Cup games in 2026.
  • We’ve hosted world-renowned events on our iconic Benjamin Franklin Parkway and in our beautiful parks:
    • Jay-Z’s Made In America and QuestLove’s Roots Picnic summer concerts
    • Wawa Welcome America fireworks display and concert each July 4th
    • The 2017 NFL Draft and the 2016 Democratic National Convention
    • The World Meeting of Families with Pope Francis II in 2015
    • The global jukebox concert LIVEAid in 1984
Philadelphia is easy to find and easy to visit.
  • A walkable city with excellent public transit systems.
  • One quarter of the country’s population lives within a day’s drive of Philadelphia.
  • An International Airport with over 390,000 flights a year that’s a 10 minute ride from Center City and easy to access via Amtrak and regional rail.
  • Largest urban park system east of the Mississippi River.
  • Not just one, but two scenic rivers.
  • Top restaurants, museums and nightlife, including winners of the prestigious James Beard Award.
Philadelphia is at the top of the class.
  • Named “2018 City of the Year” by GQ Magazine.
  • Recognized as the First World Heritage City in US.
  • Selected by National Geographic as one of the 25 Best Trips for 2020, the only US city on the list.
  • Ranked as a best place to live by US News and World Report.
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City Hall Philadelphia: Leo Serrat via Unsplash