250th in a Box!

A PHL250 Curated Experience

Brand Circle

Is all of this big fuss too much for you? Prefer to hang with your friends and neighbors close to home for the 250th? We have the 250th answer for you! It’s the 250th in a Box!

250th in a Box! is a specially designed 250th themed box that is available for purchase and special giveaways filled with ways for you to celebrate, get civically involved, tell your story, and leave a legacy—no matter where you are, and in your own unique way. DIY 250. 

The box includes promotional giveaways, 250 swag, decorations, coupons to museums. It includes creative and civic prompts such as Share your own Philly First with us or register to vote! 

Stay tuned to learn more about where and when Boxes will be distributed.